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09.11.14 RSVP to the Annual Luncheon
Category: Recent Press

The Annual Luncheon is October 1.

09.08.14 Annual Luncheon October 1
Category: Blog

Annual luncheon details

09.08.14 Forum on Chicago Police Accountability
Category: Blog

Forum on Chicago Police Accountability, Tuesday September 30, 2014 from noon to 1:30 p.m.

06.03.14 Chicago Council of Lawyers Recommendations as to the FISA Court
Category: Recent Press

On May 19, 2014, the Chicago Council of Lawyers adopted three recommendations as to the secret court established by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA).

06.01.14 The Chicago Council of Lawyers Urges that NSA Cease Gathering Bulk Telephonic Metadata, but Instead Obtain Prior Court Approval to Obtain Limited Metadata related to a Targeted Telephone Number.
Category: Policy Statements

by David Melton and Gordon Waldron The Chicago Council of Lawyers on May 19, 2004 recommended that the National Security Administration (NSA) stop gathering bulk telephone metadata. Instead, NSA should be required to obtain prior approval from the court established by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) to obtain limited metadata related to a targeted telephone number. The Council also adopted three recommendations to improve the operation of the FISA court. A later article describes those recommendations.

02.26.14 Chicago Council of Lawyers Releases Judicial Evaluations for the March 2014 Primary
Category: Recent Press

The Chicago Council of Lawyers has released its judicial evaluations for the March 2014 Primary. Judges in Cook County make critical decisions that affect millions of lives every year. They protect our rights, and we trust them to apply our laws accurately, fairly, and with compassion. It is worth the time to vote for qualified judges. Click for links to evaluations and a sample ballot.

01.19.14 NSA Surveillance of Electronic Communication Metadata: Remarks of Professor Perritt
Category: Recent Press

Chicago-Kent Law Professor Henry Perritt spoke at the January 10, 2014 meeting of the Civil Liberties Committee of the Chicago Council of Lawyers about surveillance by the National Security Administration (“NSA”). His talk focused on the NSA’s gathering of telephonic metadata on all American phone calls (numbers called, numbers from which calls are received, when, and length).

10.24.13 A New Mandatory Minimum for Gun Crime Will Cause Further Pre-Trial Delay And Jail Overcrowding
Category: Blog

With the support of Mayor Rahm Emmanuel, HB2265 / SB 1342 was recently introduced to the Illinois General Assembly with the goal of imposing a mandatory three-year minimum prison sentence for people convicted of illegal use of a weapon. Our friends at the John Howard Association—in recent articles on the Huffington Post and in the Chicago Tribune—have responded forcefully to Emmanuel’s proposal, laying out how new mandatory minimums will undermine efforts at crime control and only increase crime in our streets. We at the Collaboration for Justice (Chicago Council of Lawyers and Chicago Appleseed) add our voice in opposition to Emmanuel’s proposal and focus on another aspect of the proposal’s impact: a new mandatory minimum will exacerbate pre-trial delays by introducing more disorder and uncertainty in our criminal justice system.

08.16.13 Chief Judge Evans Orders Indigence Hearing Reform in Response to Chicago Appleseed Investigation
Category: Recent Press

Chief Judge of the Cook County Circuit Court, Timothy C. Evans, issued General Administrative Order No. 2013-11 yesterday in response to a Chicago Appleseed investigation that uncovered a practice where judges were denying defendants a public defender without the required indigence hearing. The Chief Judge’s order and accompanying memoranda, available here, require the courts to conduct hearings on indigence based on the required financial affidavits and in line with Illinois statute and federal constitutional law.

Category: Blog

The Chicago Council of Lawyers supports the “Freedom from Drone Surveillance Act,” Senate Bill 1587 Engrossed. Surveillance by drones can serve useful purposes but because they are small, quiet, highly maneuverable and can be deployed in secret, they are potential threats to privacy. The Bill does a good job of balancing those competing interests.

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