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08.19.11 What We Read, August 12-19
Category: Blog

Criminal Justice Court Reform: Even conservative states are adopting lighter sentencing policies in response to unsustainable prison costs, reports the New York Times. Matthew Iglesias questions the social, political, and economic rationale behind increasingly curtailing formerly incarcerated individuals' right to work. To read our staff picks, please be sure to visit our blog. Do you have some interesting articles you've read this week? Share them with us in the comments field.

08.18.11 More incarceration does not equal less crime.
Category: Blog

The ACLU posted a fascinating infographic this week. The above graphic compares the change incarceration rates and the change in crime rates from 1999 to 2009. Illinois' prison population has skyrocketed since 1970, but has not grown considerably in the past decade, as illustrated by this chart produced by the John Howard Association, a Chicago-based prison watchdog organization. Over on our blog, you can read more about the facts behind why prison is not the answer.

08.02.11 Save The Date: Annual Fundraising Luncheon
Category: Newsletter Archive

In this issue of our e-newsletter, we focus on three of our program areas: Criminal Justice, Immigration Court Reform, and Financial Access and Fairness.

07.29.11 From Our Blog: Diversion Works
Category: Policy Statements

That's the undisputed message in the most comprehensive study of diversionary drug courts ever completed. The Urban Institute, the Center for Court Innovation, and RTI International, conducted the study, "The Multi-Site Adult Drug Court Evaluation." Researchers evaluated 23 drug courts and 6 traditional court programs for comparison, over a period of 5 years...[Read the entire article on our blog]

06.27.11 Chicago Council of Lawyers Voted 'Best Bar Association' by Chicago Reader
Category: Recent Press

Chicago Council of Lawyers (CCL) - a public interest bar association dedicated to improving the quality of the legal system in Chicago - voted the 'Best Bar Association' in Chicago Reader's 'Best of Chicago 2011.' Chicago Appleseed and CCL often work together to further their mutual goals of reform, accountability, and justice. Congratulations to CCL!

06.24.11 Tough Birthday for War on Drugs - Chicago Muckrakers
Category: Recent Press

"The War on Drugs is now in its ripe middle age, turning 40 this month. But its birthday hasn't been an especially pleasant one." Micah Maidenberg, Chicago Reporter, reports a "few of the top-line findings from two recently published reviews of the drug war around the world and here in Illinois." In his report, he cites Chicago Appleseed's proposal to "re-frame how the county's judges, prosecutors and attorneys deal with non-violent drug defendants." Read more.

06.22.11 Chicago Muckrakers: Tough birthday for War on Drugs
Category: Recent Press

The War on Drugs is now in its ripe middle age, turning 40 this month. But its birthday hasn't been an especially pleasant one.

06.01.11 Immigration and Criminal Justice Reforms Needed
Category: Newsletter Archive

Read editorials on two of our program areas -- immigration court reform and criminal justice reform. Save the Date! On October 5, 2011, Chicago Appleseed and Chicago Council of Lawyers will hold their Annual Fundraising Luncheon.

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