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03.19.12 Chicago Tribune March 20 Primary Endorsements

This week, Chicago Tribune reported its endorsements in the March 20 Illinois primary election. The editorial board makes these recommendations based on the evaluations of major bar associations, including the Chicago Council of Lawyers, interviews with judges and attorneys who know the work of the candidates, and information provided by the candidates to the board.

Editorial Board Endorsements:

The Tribune offers its endorsements in contested primary elections for the Illinois Appellate Court: Click here.

The Tribune endorsement for the Supreme Court: Click here.

The Tribune endorsements in contested countywide races for the Cook County Circuit Court: Click here.

On Wednesday, February 29, 2012, the Tribune made endorsements in countywide races for the Cook County Circuit Court. Judges in the county are also elected from 15 subcircuits. Here, you can view the editorial board recommendations in those subcircuit races: Click here.