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State Judicial Evaluations

** March 2014 Primaries** Chicago Council of Lawyers, in collaboration with Chicago Appleseed Fund for Justice, want to thank those of you who used for the March 2014 primary. The campaign will in the future be providing information for the judicial retention elections that are part of the General Election to be held in November 2014. In the meantime, for information about judicial elections, judicial campaign financing, and other issues relating to judicial performance and integrity, please visit Chicago Appleseed.

November 2012 Judicial Elections

Chicago Council of Lawyers Releases its Judicial Evaluation Results

The Chicago Council of Lawyers has released its judicial evaluation results for judges seeking retention on the November 6th ballot and for judicial candidates seeking to fill judicial vacancies in the November election.

For the Council's report which includes an evaluation rating and the reasons for that rating, please CLICK HERE.

For a Ballot Summary using the judicial evaluations of the Council, please Click Here


In Illinois, judges are elected. People will be voting for judicial candidates on March 20, 2012. Early voting begins on February 27, 2012. Each of these candidates is running to fill a judicial vacancy.

By reading the information and judicial evaluation results found on this website, you can become better informed about the people running for judge. By voting for qualified judges, you can help protect our courts. Please remember that judges make decisions that affect our entire society as well as your well-being. Each judge makes tens of thousands of decisions that can affect nearly everyone. By protecting our courts, you are protecting yourself, your family, and your friends.

For the judicial evaluation report of the Chicago Council of Lawyers, please CLICK HERE.

For a ballot summary using the judicial evaluation results from the Chicago Council of Lawyers, please CLICK HERE.


The Chicago Council of Lawyers is the public interest bar association that promotes a fair, efficient and effective legal system, using judicial evaluations, amicus curiae briefs, publications, seminars and investigations of agencies and courts. The Council offers all lawyers an opportunity to work with other dedicated lawyers in promoting the highest standards of the legal profession and in serving the public interest.

The Council began evaluating state court and federal district court judges in 1970. We evaluate state court candidates seeking to fill judicial vacancies on the Circuit Court of Cook County. We also evaluate sitting Cook County Circuit Court judges seeking retention. In addition, the Council evaluates First District candidates for the Illinois Supreme Court and the Illinois Appellate Court.

In the Directory of State Judges in Chicago, we have utilized Council judicial evaluations from 1986 to the present. We have included information about the Circuit Judges in Cook County, the Associate Judges in Cook County, as well as Supreme Court and Appellate Court Justices from the First District. Judicial assignments listed in the Directory are current as of March 2011.

For the biographies and judicial evaluations of judges and associate judges on the bench in the Circuit Court of Cook County, the Illinois Appellate Court, First District, and the Illinois Supreme Court, First District, please go to: "A Directory of State Judges in Chicago, 2011 edition."

A Policy Statement from the Chicago Council of Lawyers

The Chicago Council of Lawyers believes that Illinois should adopt a process for selecting judges that is best suited to identify those lawyers who have the intellect, character, and temperament necessary to serve on the bench with distinction and enjoy the confidence of the public, including the legal community. The Council believes that for such a selection process to be successful, judicial vacancies must be publicly posted, and the process for recommending appointees must be transparent and must employ published criteria that are generally accepted by the public, including the legal community, as the proper measures of judicial quality.

The Council believes that the judicial selection process most likely to satisfy these requirements is one that relies on a diverse, distinguished and independent judicial selection commission that uses professional staff to collect information on judicial candidates, and where the commission then recommends the best of these candidates to the judiciary for appointment to the bench based on the published criteria.